My Professional Story

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After 27 years in corporate world, it was time for me to turn my diversity of professional experience and life lessons into a consulting business.  I had the pleasure of leading teams with amazing people across all commercial functions.  From Product Development, Marketing, Sales to Customer Success, my most transformative experiences have been learning from and coaching talented people.  

My Personal Story


I am a happy husband and father of 3 who is passionate about my family and all of our outdoor adventures!  Although I grew up enjoying all the seasons of Wisconsin,  I didn't learn to ice skate or slalom waterski until after I turned forty ... Just to keep up with my kids! 


Faith, Family, Fitness & Fun are my foundations and I dedicate time to each of them every day. 

What people say about me

"As a 30 year sales veteran myself - I really thought I knew it all when it came to customer interface - that is , until the day Tim joined me on a joint call at a major end user. Tim's ability to understand and uncover the true customer needs behind the surface was astounding. The type of non-typical and pointed questions Tim asks clients about their current state vs desired state brings about an outpouring of honest revealing answers from clients. Tim does not overfocus on product - he has true passion for customers key business initiatives and how a client can be assured to sustain their desired state long after a business partnership begins with us. Tim is calm, direct and passionate - customers trust him, listen closely to him, and speak openly with him. His trusted business advisor approach creates a team atmosphere that leads to the ultimate in solution selling results."

Wendy Boyer, Sr Territory Manager, Brady Corporation

"It was fantastic working for and with Tim, who proved to be an exceptional leader during a time of vast change for our organization. Tim’s commitment to developing his team, delivering key results, and establishing a collaborative environment quickly earned him the respect of all that worked with him. His true niche is earning trust & motivating others using proven change management and continuous improvement techniques & tools--tools which easily translate to any industry or environment. If you are ever presented with the opportunity to work with Tim, seize it!"  Meghan Lemerond Senior Director, Client Success at Digital Diagnostics

"Tim Bandt is the kind of business leader that actually plays chess while everyone else is playing checkers. His rare blend of Sales, Service and Marketing experience gives him a unique perspective on how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and build long-term relationships with customers. In my time working for Tim, he not only implemented and trained our sales team on his proprietary Trusted Advisor methodology of selling, but facilitated the creation of value-adding tools that enhanced how we engaged with customers in a collaborative environment. I consider it my good fortune that I had the opportunity to work with Tim as early as I did in my career."

Ryan W. Trudell, Account Executive, Salesforce