Continous Improvement

Our collaboration will be firmly grounded in 6 Sigma & Change Management. 
We will work together to create innovative solutions with stakeholder buy-in. 
Here's how:


Preparation & Scope - Our work starts with me doing my homework on your business.  Then we define the problems we want to solve & agree to a project plan.


Current State - Through interview, observation and review of assets, I gain a deeper understanding of how you are working with your customers.


Assessment & Recommendations - I deliver a clear review of the core issues preventing you from winning with innovative approaches to overcoming them.


Collaborative Innovation - My recommendations become your toolbox as we workshop the new digital assets that will enable your highest value customer interactions.


Implementation & Coaching - To succeed, behaviors need to change.  I deploy a direct or "coach the coaches" methods to help you drive change faster.


Sustainable Systems - You need to keep improving long after I am gone.  To ensure this, I help integrate your new approach into your CRM & Professional Development process.
Depending on your organizational needs, our engagements can conclude at phase 3 or continue all the way through phase 6 and beyond with ongoing coaching.