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Problems I've Solved

Our sales team is not getting "good" leads.
  • Value Proposition doesn't focus on customer business issues

  • Call to action feels like a low value sales call

Root Causes

Our sales process has an endless cycle of demos & follow-ups
  • Discovery doesn't tie into problem solving exercises

  • Pitch decks don't demand participation by customers

  • Problem solving is not shared between customers & sales

Root Causes

We struggle getting customers to engage in virtual meetings
  • Customers aren't interested in "demos"

  • Virtual content doesn't demand participation by customers

  • Sales team lacks facilitation skills

Root Causes

We just lost one of our best customers to a competitor
  • Touch points that didn't prioritize listening to the customer

  • Mixed messages from different commercial team members

  • Failing to leverage the incumbent advantage

Root Causes

We aren't able to get price increases during renewals
  • Not leveraging our incumbent advantage

  • Poor alignment to product roadmap

  • Low quality account reviews

Root Causes

Our customers like what they see, but we can't get them to buy
  • Insufficient discovery process

  • Poor ROI methodology

Root Causes

Our sales reps spend too much time on customers that only care about price
  • Demand capture outreach that doesn't differentiate based on behavior

  • Monolithic sales process that doesn't allow for sellers judgement

  • Sales tools that prioritize shopping over problem solving

Root Causes

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